Florida Microscope Sales & Service

Microscope Disinfection with PM

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mobile: 772-404-4621

Clarity Microscope provides microscope sales, service and on-site repairs throughout Florida.  As the owner and on-site technician I assure quality service and disinfection with every microscope sticker of completion.

Anthony DelleDonne, Owner and Technician

Licensed and Insured Microscope Preventative Maintenance (PM)

  • Academic Institutions  (Florida County High School & University Laboratories)
  • Clinical Laboratories (Surgical Scopes, Slit lamps)
  • Research Labs (Epifluorescence, Phase Contrast)
  • Diagnostic Pathology Labs
  • Industrial Labs (Asbestos)

Clarity Microscope PM exceeds CAP laboratory guidelines, and our PM service is used by “NASA” and many others.  Microscope N.I.S.T. reticle calibrations can be provided upon request.  When performing PM on large bundles of microscopes for larger institutions and schools, we provide a list of all scopes serviced and document any issues that you may have.

If a microscope is not functional, we will attempt to fix it and will match it for working parts from other broken microscopes. Minor adjustments and corrections are always free of charge.

We also sell a wide variety of Meiji Techno Life Time Warranty microscopes, cameras and accessories of excellent Japanese quality.