Microscope PM Service and Repair


What we do. 

Clarity microscope provides quality microscope service and repair for laboratory and academic communities. Clarity Microscope services all microscopes brands and models and I am always present as your on-site technician. At the end of the microscope cleaning you will have a full list of all your microscopes stickered and documented in detail.  The list below is the basic workup we perform on all microscopes serviced.  If there is anything such as a scratch on the lens, loose stage gear, eyepiece won’t adjust, the problem is documented with a repair estimate. I also can piece together broken student microscopes to get a working one, and will do so free of charge.


 10 point inspection certificate for each microscope


  • Disinfect all outer parts for your students safety, including eyepieces
  • Disassembly of main microscope glass lenses (eyepieces, objectives, condenser)
  • Cleaning microscope body parts for rust and harmful bacteria removal
  • Lubrication of gears and mechanical readjustment as needed
  • Minor parts are included (bulbs, washers and screws)
  • Optical Kohler and Fluorescent bulb realignment of light path perfection
  • Microscope QA sticker on every microscope serviced with a 1 year return date

Servicing:  Meiji, Olympus, Nikon, Leica, and more.

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Anthony DelleDonne, Ph.D., HTL (ASCP)  

(Owner and On-Site Technician)

Sebastian, Florida

EMAIL: info@clmicroscope.com

MOBILE : 772-404-4621

TOLL FREE AND FAX:  1-800-971-3126